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Cotswold Stone Roofing Tiles

Throughout the Cotswold region, Cotswold stone roofing tiles have always been used in preference to slate. It's not difficult to realise why when you take a walk through some of the romantic leafy green villages in the area.
Traditional Cotswold Stone Roof
Cotswold Stone Tiles
Cotswold stone roofing tiles will age gracefully and look great for many generations. This perhaps is their greatest advantage over the cheaper, man made imitations, which will most often disappoint in the long term.

Our Cotswold stone roofing tiles are completely natural, being quarried from Cotswold Forest Marble an extremely strong, durable and richly coloured variety of Cotswold stone.

Carefully cut and drilled, our tiles are available in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements, whether you are roofing a new cottage or perhaps even restoring an old church.
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