Knockdown Stone

Cotswold Building Stone

A premium product and it needs to be, after all it needs to stand strong for hundreds of years, protect against the relentless elements, and yet stand proud continuing to look good for its entire lifetime. In this Cotswold stone has a proven track record, that's why it is so desirable, and that's why we believe it is the perfect building material.

Our building stone is available in the two main shades we supply. "Traditional Cotswold Stone" and "Cotswold Forest Marble". Each stone being individually guillotened and finished by hand before being graded.

It is, therefore, possible to obtain different styles of stonework by mixing sizes, shades and indeed shapes. Some customers prefer a more rustic look, others prefer a more even and uniform style of stonework.
Cotswold Stone
For more architectural uses like window sills, doorways, lintels, corner stones and fireplacess, specially cut Cotswold stone can be sanded to produce a clean, soft and shaped design feature. In the hands of craftsmen a house built from our stone will certainly become both commercially and historically valuable.
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